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Access control without constraints


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Ski resort

  • Ski passes control down the ski lifts
  • Specially designed gates for easy passage at ski and snowboard
  • In addition to the complete solution Pass Ticketing for tourism and leisure



  • Suitable for all types and sizes of events (single passage, multiple, environment,…)
  • Possibility of packages multi-products (food, housing, shopping,…)
  • In addition to the complete solution Pass Ticketing for tourism and leisure


  • Compatible for high security zones and highly risk environments
  • Management, contrôle, monitoring and history of all passages
  • Identification of persons with different levels of access restrictions



  • Control of the products entrances and exits (books, DVD, others)
  • Warning when unauthorized exit of a product (audio, visual and sending message)
  • Interfaced with the Horizon software and protocol compliance SIP2

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Your control solution


Choose your gates

Individual passage, mass or large products? We have a solution to offer you with our adaptable equipment depending on your needs and environment.
Detection equipment is available in different models: Turnstiles, designed doors, for winter sports, gates,…
We offer antennas in 1D or 2Dimensions to ensure a better detection of the chips horizontally and / or vertically.

Available options: Display screen, sound, light alarm, customized doors

DAG Access control
SnowDAG access control

turnstile access control
Antennas access control

gates access control

Choose your identifier

With our DAG System patent on the design of the antenna connected to the chip, we can design your chip according to your preferences, customized cards.
Waterproof and wear-resistant, we also have different styles of identifiers available: Pass, ISO cards, bracelets, self-adhesive, bib,…

More than being customizables, the chips can be for a single use or reusable (reprogrammable in a few seconds).

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controle accés CRM relation client


The access control solution without constraints using RFID technology enables huge opportunities. The identifier of the person contains all the informations of your choice: From his name, email address, phone number or size, its social networking accounts, etc, there are no limits! You can use this access control solution to analyze your data to communicate, engage and retain your customers easily.



Identification of the person

The person is recognized according to the information contained in the access identifier to perform monitoring of the person
and to recognize, for example, by displaying custom passing information.



This allows a monitoring of the person to learn more about him, for example:
In case of an event room, we will know if the person went to the « interior » stand or rather « animals » allowing us to focus our offerings for him thereafter. For the industry, we can be informed of the status of stocks and plan ahead our future orders for future sales.


Sending informations

You can choose to send or receive personalized messages at specific times:
Send SMS to your participants when crossing a specific door, receive an email when a product should cross the gates, share a message on the social networks of your customers when they pass the main gate…