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Ticketing software

The solution includes the software suite DAG Ticketing and the hardware to print tickets. Tickets can be on paper or RFID card. The RFID card (the Pass) allows all the possibilities for the solution by including access control, using a rechargeable personal multi-activities pass, the implementation of the communication solution (see following tabs) … and much more!

The advanced electronic ticketing DAG Ticketing is the main part of the solution, ergonomic and really easy to use.

Modules of the ticketing software

The suite consists of several main modules:

  • DAG Administration : For all settings and management of product catalogs, packages, receivables, inventory and equipment
  • DAG Till : Sales, reloading, editing notes, receipts, refunds, schedules and reservations
  • DAG Accounting Analysis : Receipt books and billing (compatible TPG and SNTF)
  • DAG Statistics : Statistical analysis of passages, visiting figures, graph…
  • Optional : DAG e-Store (for online sale) and the module DAG Marketing (for communication)

Online sale

DAG e-Store is an additional sales channel for your customers. Create speed lines and let your customers access directly to the slopes or the activities!

You can offer your services and products for sale and the reload of your customer pass online from customizable webpages at your image, accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud Server

Our solution relies on a cloud server with online data, giving the advantage of data security and very low cost as there is no hardware investment.
In addition to being accessible from any terminal connected to the internet (smartphone, tablet, PC), you won’t lose your data thanks to the storage and online backup.


Set your catalog of products and services in one click:
The solution manages the multi-site, multi-product and multi-price sale in order to develop the economy of your territory from one global place. The software also manages schedules and reservations!

Supported devices

Depending on the model of solution (with a ticket or the card Pass), the included hardware differs. In either case, we offer products for printing tickets or customizable cards and the necessary for the ticketing (webcam, customer display, …).
For the Pass, the equipment for access control is required.

{tab Access Control|green}

Flow control and custom display


DAG Access Control Access
SnowDAG Control Access

Customizables gates specially designed for ski sport. Other designs available!

See the access control solution

The solution working with the Pass includes hands-free access control to manage the flow to the lifts, to the attractions, deny access for the non-valid pass etc. In option, the PDA can control and verify at a long range distance in every circumstances.

The gates are customizable to your brand colors, available in different designs including a gate designed specifically for winter sports to facilitate the passage of skiers and snowboarders. Identifiers (the pass) are also customizable with the possibility to print your logo, offers etc on the front and back of the card.

With the customer display, you can check the identity of the person or show a message to the client. Warning lights and customizable sound inform users if they are allowed to pass or call the person in charge in case of problem.

In addition to display custom offers when the customer is passing, you can also track your clients along their visits to being able to focus more effectively on their types and interests.

For more information, please visit the access control solution.

{tab Pass and CRM|green}

ticketing electronic access control pass partner


The client pass, the heart of your customer relationships

The solution allows operation as electronic ticketing
but also can deploy its full potential with an RFID card, the Pass.


Allows access to services, product purchase and connexion to the customer account


The pass is the most important part of the solution: An RFID card on PVC or paper, customizable to your colors and logos or messages according to the design provided (ISO credit card format). This is the unique identifier that allows the user to access all its activities, make payments, offer a gift card etc with a single pass. It can also connect online to their account to make purchases, reservations on schedules, reloading package, etc.

Each action of the customer enriches his profile
with informations


But it also allows to recognize and monitor the person: Each action of the customer enriches his profile with more detailed information (purchases, preferences, interests, typology …).

Send more targeted offers and
adapted messages for each client


Once your customer base provided with data, you can better engage and retain your customers through targeted offers and sending automatically adjusted messages according to customer data (see the solution of communication & marketing)

{tab Unique customer experience|green}


Thanks to our technology platforms, the Pass and our communication solution, we offer innovative solutions for better visibility for your domain and a unique customer experience:


Photos and videos automatically online

Gain visibility on the web and social networks with automated take of pictures and videos. Located at strategic locations (at an attraction or a ski jump for example), the client is detected with its nominative pass. Then, the video or photo is taken automatically to the passage of the person and submitted online on your website, social network or emailed to the client to share it at will.


Permanent timing

With a start and finish point (or more intermediate points), the customers equiped with their pass are timed as they pass through the gates. The times are visible immediately online on your website and the customer’s account. It is also possible to send information to the client directly (SMS, email) and share it on the social networks of the person. Different times can then be released as online ranking, automatically updated.

Event organisation

According to your initiatives, we propose the organisation of specific events such as fun activities (treasure hunt, timed competitions,…), the implementation of promotional activities (animated distribution of flyers, speakers,…) and the availability of our partner teams in animation.


For a stronger rate of commitment and a better fidelization, you can also see the solution Communication Marketing.

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