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Want a timing solution carefree logistics and safely? Choose our timekeeping service provided by our experts, choose the safety and reliability. We take care of everything and can also provide equipment to suit your needs (with single use chips or reusable).

Don’t worry about logistics, we handle the entire timing part of your event

Reliable equipment
Our products are safe and adaptable to the environment, the characteristics of the event, number of participants etc…

For all events
Internation travel, all disciplines (running, fun, trail running, triathlon, cycling, winter sport/water/motor …)


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Timekeeping service:

  • Presence of our experts timekeepers
  • Installation of our timing systems (departure, arrival, intermediate points)
  • Detections management
  • Editing and processing of the results
  • Diffusion of your results (by email, social networks, online results,…)

{tab Race preparation|red}


Don’t waste time anymore, we take care to prepare your race with online registration, printing/encoding of your chips and bibs (customizable with your colors and logos).


Registration and results online

Accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile, go to registration and results online easily. With customizable pages, create your page with the colors of your brand.


The bibs (15 x 21 cm) are printed in B&W and colors to your specifications. They are resistant to freezing, to water and are tear-proof and do not leak. Our professional team is here to meet your needs and help you design them (free).
Optional: (free) Perforation; (paying) The bonding and encoding of your chips (reusable)!
Customers GOLD enjoys cheap!
Gain visibility: Use bibs with your logos and colors.

Chips programming

Encoding your chips depending on your dial plan for all DAG chips (HF and UHF).

A real time saver!


For your communication campaign or your sending of custom informations (emails, sms, social networks),
you can also consult our solution Communication Marketing.

See the Communication & Marketing solution

{tab Equipment rental|red}


More needs in logistics? We can help you with our equipment rental:

Gate Kit

portique antenne RFID kit

Kit with gates (2,30m to 4m) 1D or 2D with a black box reader and a set of chips

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BluDAG Badgeur

bluedag antenne RFID kit

The mobile solution for the intermediate points, back-up or arrivals

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Display and Clock

afficheur horloge sport

A giant display of 10 lines and a clock to display live results

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Electronic timing equipment


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{tab What equipment according to your stream?|red}


Our RFID products are suitable, either in terms of the environment and the characteristics of the race, our products work for all races. The difference will be in the choice of your chips (disposable, reusable, a bib, to the shoes, adhesive or card form) and depending on the flow of your runners.

The detecting flux is the number of passages at a given time, the amount of people going at the same time under the antennas (for a second). It depends on the distance of your race and your number of participants. For example: A race of 2000 runners for 5km will have a greater flow detection, more passages at one time, than a trail of 2000 participants for 30km. The higher the flow passages, the greater the amount of detection at the same time will be closer to the « mass » flow than individual passage.


timekeeping detection system

Our systems Flux (amount of passages at the same time) Disciplines
UHF HF Individual Group Mass Type of races
UPDA {tablink Equipment rental}Badgeur{/tablink}


All disciplines
Side antenna x2 (SS2) Gates (2,30m)


Trail, running, obstacles
Side antenna x4 (SS4) Gates (4m) All disciplines
Mat antenna (4m) Mat Except water sports, winter, motorized
Mat antenna (8m) Gates (10m) Except water sports, winter, motorized
Arch Kit (2m, 4m or 6m)


Except water sports
Gates 2D HF (4m or 10m) Cycling, VTT, water sports, winter, motorized

: Recommended for this use – : Usable in this configuration   |   Individual: Less than 5 people – Group: dozen of people – Mass: More than 10 people and start line

{tab Our Kits turnkey|red}


You want a complete turnkey solution that works immediately? Have all the necessary equipment to meet your needs quickly, without adjustments and simple to use. These efficient kits available in HF and UHF are adjustable and flexible to meet the needs of any type, regardless of use, mass detection or arrangement of the antennas.

Kit Mat Antennas

mat timekeeping

The recommended kit for flow mass detection (start)

Kit Side Antennas

antenna timekeeping

The most multipurpose kit and the easiest to use and to install

Kit Triathlon

triathlon timing

The kit specifically designed for triathlon races

Gate Kit

gate antenna timing

The right solution for reusable chips

Arch Kit (UHF/HF)

arch sport timing

The perfect support to give visibility to your partners


You can also view all our other products (readers, antennas, chips, software,…) available for sale!

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{tab The most popular products|red}


Systems to connect directly to your computer to control the reader, with simplicity and reliability. Our products are available in low cost HF and UHF technology with single use or reusable chips, waterproof and wear-resistant.




reader portable PDA sport

The nomad detection solution with long range distance, compact with a great autonomy

See the product


Mat antenna

antenna RFID timing

The antenna for road races, start and mass passages

See the antenna


Side antenna

antenna timing electronic

The most multipurpose system, for all configurations

See the antenna


You can also view all our other products (readers, antennas, chips, software,…) available for sale!