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Electronic advanced ticketing software
For the territory management and promotion


Modules of the ticketing software

The suite consists of several main modules:

  • DAG Administration:For all settings and management of product catalogs, packages, receivables, inventory and equipment
  • DAG Till:Sales, reloading, editing notes, receipts, refunds, schedules and reservations
  • DAG Accounting Analysis:Receipt books and billing (compatible TPG and SNTF)
  • DAG Statistics:Statistical analysis of passages, visiting figures, graph…
  • Optional:DAG e-Store for online sale) and the module DAG Marketing (for communication).

Online sale

DAG e-Store is an additional sales channel for your customers. Create speed lines and let your customers access directly to the slopes or the activities!

You can offer your services and products for sale and the reload of your customer pass online from customizable webpages at your image, accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud Server

Our solution relies on a cloud server with online data, giving the advantage of data security and very low cost as there is no hardware investment.
In addition to being accessible from any terminal connected to the internet (smartphone, tablet, PC), you won’t lose your data thanks to the storage and online backup.


Set your catalog of products and services in one click:
The solution manages the multi-site, multi-product and multi-price sale in order to develop the economy of your territory from one global place. The software also manages schedules and reservations!

Supported devices

Depending on the model of solution (with a ticket or the card Pass), the included hardware differs. In either case, we offer products for printing tickets or customizable cards and the necessary for the ticketing (webcam, customer display, …).
For the Pass, the equipment for access control is required.


The software suite DAG Ticketing is included in the Pass Ticketing solution. Tickets can be on paper or RFID card. The RFID card (the Pass) allows all the possibilities for the solution by including access control, using a rechargeable personal multi-activities pass, the implementation of the communication solution (see following tabs) … and much more!

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Access to some features of the module DAG Till
(Sales management and creation of customers records)

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Included: DAG Till
+ DAG Administration
+ DAG Accounting analysis

Complete ticketing software
(Product management, sales, stocks, inventory, staff, scheduling,…)




Included: DAG Till
+ DAG Administration
+ DAG Accounting analysis
+ DAG Statistics
+ DAG e-Store

Complete ticketing software, online sales, online reload and statistical analysis included

*: Non-contractual prices, prices ET, from, per point of sales, excluding hardware, installation, support and server costs

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