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DAG Center (Detection software UHF)

Softwares of detection
Allows a total control over the detection and the programming of chips.


2 versions available:

  • U-DAG Center: Software for your readers
  • BluDAG Center: Software for your BluDAG only

GM Suite (Ranking software)

Ranking software
Connectable with DAG Center software, available with the optional software of real time results display on deported screen.


  • GM DAG: Ranking software based on GM CAP with management and configurations of electronic detection
  • GM Result Monitor: Extension of GM DAG which allows to show the results in real time on the screen of your choice

WinDAG (Detection software)

Software of detection
For HF black box and LRD system


SetDAG (Programming software)

Software for programming and reading chips
Available for V4, V6, MX DAG and Slim chips




Tourism / Leisure


DAG Ticketing (Ticketing and online sales)

Simple and complete tool for advanced ticketing adapted to your needs which allows you to manage your resources and develop the economy of your territory.

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Contains the following software :

  • DAG Admin : Configuration software for all the settings (software, material, users,…)
  • DAG Till: Software for sales, which allows to manage multi-products, multi-prices and multi-sites sales, reloading, repayments, schedule management, bookings…
  • DAG e-Store : Allows you use the on-line sales
  • DAG Accounting Analysis : For the accounting and financial management
  • DAG Detection Analysis : Gives you information regarding the passages through DAG System gates
  • DAG Statistics : Supplies statistical analysis on the passages, rate of frequentation, customers habits…