DAG System


HF or UHF ?

RFID Expert, we offer HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) products.
Their radio frequencies are differents as well as their uses. Depending on your need, we can advise you which one is suited for you.


High Frequency

Our historical experience with this technology allows us to have total control on the product. We can completely customize and create your own solution. HF also has the advantage of being reusable indefinitely, making it a suitable product for small events.

Ultra High Frequency

This is the newest RFID technology. Easy to use with its tools that do not require adjustments, it's facilitating the logistics process. Mainly used for sport and event (recommended for large events).

RFID Technology


The passive chip contains pre-programmed informations



The software processes the data received and parameter the reader







The antenna supplies and detects the chip



The reader recovers and sends the data captured



RFID (or radio frequency identification) is at the heart of DAG System solutions. This innovative technology identifies, monitors and recovers the information contained in the chip, also called tag. The advantage of this solution is that it can work without sight, without direct contact and without constraints. There is no volume or speed limit for the detection.
RFID has many uses: access control, traceability, electronic timing, ticketing ...

Solutions of access control, CRM, electronic ticketing, sport timing & logistics for tourism, event, sport and industry.