DAG System

Industry & Logistics

Access control logistics traceability

Are your industrial processes optimized ?

  • You miss vital information throughout your production cycle ?
  • Can you follow your industrial process in real time, even from your tablet and your smartphone ?
  • Are you informed in case of failure in your process, no matter where you are ?
  • Are your customers, products and processes databases accessible and secure ?

Collect - Organize - Follow - Secure

Tailor made solutions

DAG System industry platform can help you with:

Online secured platform

The industry platform is fully accessible online. The cloud computing is an important priority for industrial activities. From now on, you can access all your information from your computer, tablet, smartphone with a special attention placed on data security.

Logistics / Traceability

  • Stock, products and process management and monitoring
  • Option to send picture, video or sms on key moment of your process
  • Management and monitoring of your products in factory, international stockage connected to an unique database

Access control

  • Without constraint
  • Access and passage management (available also for high security zones and highly risk environments)
  • Option to send pictures, video and sms
  • Different identification label to choose (bracelet, ISO card,...)