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Our state of mind


DAG System is an innovative company, born with RFID, which has learnt to be responsive to the market and to its customers and adjust its offer accordingly. Today, the company stands out with is platforms approach, global solutions in which the hardware and the software are used to optimise customers’ needs: maximize flows, personalize customers’ offers, increase sales… Thanks to efficient and secure tools. Boost your activity and facilitate your tasks by connecting on the platform that fits with your needs.

Key people per missions


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From Yesterday to Tomorrow


From 1999, DAG System develops products RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to satisfy the needs of integrators:

Readers RFID long and short distance

Antennas from very long distance antennas (10m ) to desktop or miniature antenna

Tags (electronic tag) of any size and on any support

The softwares needed to control and parameter the products


The products of DAG System meet a very big success and are very quickly marketed all around the world thanks to the strength of its R&D department, which includes 2 people specialized in RFID, software and database: Since 2002, more than 40 countries use the RFID of DAG System for many and diverse applications such as: logistics, traceability, sports timing, access control …
In 2005 the first developments of complete solutions began. The integrators support services (technical integrations and software integrations) nowadays are completed with turnkey service solutions, under the DAG System brand or a white label to widen commercial possibilities for integrators. The developed solutions are for example: access control, ticketing, depot management, libraries, timing, loyalty cards, …

To meet customers’ needs, DAG System multiplies local partnerships with its integrators and creates 3 sales subsidiaries:

  • 2007: DAG Australasia (Oceania / Asia (St Fitzroy – Australie))
  • 2008: DAG Europe (Europe / Africa / Middle East (Lyon – France))
  • 2010: DAG Americas (North and South America (Boston – USA))

In 2010, a new shift began with the improvements and the commercial offers. From now on the multitude of products and solutions developed and interconnected are organised in different platforms to satisfy the needs of each single business.
The engine is the heart of operations: DAG thus invents the DAG Data Centers.
Products and DAG System applications are means, tools to supply databases, and more particularly to process them effectively.
The objective of DAG System platforms is to use and to transform data in added values for each concerned business.
DAG System tools and apps thus supply databases with big flows, 24/24 and 365/365. DAG System thus developed automatic analysis tools Data Centers used by more than 3000 customers daily all around the world in order to transform data in added values (customers offers in the B2B context, analyses of flows and processes in the industrial context).

DAG System spirit is above all innovation directed towards a tangible result, the challenge of the development for an effective result addressed to the users.

Tomorrow, with you !

You identify yourself with this challenge? Then join us. Join our communities of experts, make your contribution and live this international, multicultural, multi-know-how, multi-skills adventure.