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Timing and Communication

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Timing and Communication

Communication is important and yet, how much time do you spend for it? How do you convert data from your event? Did you know that your timing data is a gold mine to communicate?


A preview of what can bring you a good use of these data:

  • Promote your event
  • Increase the number of participants & visitors
  • Improve the image of your event
  • Increase your sales
  • Retain your participants and partners
  • Find new sponsors

So many possibilities! You can't certainly go on a campaign with advertising spots on television. However, you have an easy access to the most powerful media and the widest possible at the lower costs: the Internet. Nowadays, everyone is connected with a daily average of 5.3 hours spent on the internet. Meaning: Before social networks and even the website, the mailing is the number one priority for 89% of communications professionals in 2014.

DAG System offers even better than the mass-mailing: the "Face-to-face" emailing.

DAG System has developed since 2005 its Tourism Platform oriented communication, customer loyalty and customer engagement, increase customer traffic / visitors ... All these tools are now available on the Sport platform, accessible to all users of the DAG System solutions.


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For more information on timing or communication, please visit the Timing page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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